Core Competency


Technology partners

Technology with quality is imperative to us and we are aware that best results can be achieved only by adopting globally accepted advanced technologies with compliance to standard guidelines. 

At Acquity Labs we are equipped with instruments, reagents, software’s etc., which qualify, or approved or recommended by concerned agencies and adhere to strict national and international guidelines for quality assurance. 

We collaborate with distinctive and accredited centers of excellence, and associate with highly reputed scientists on its respective disciplines for expert opinions and to assist in expansion into critical areas of testing.


Our Quest is to offer highly specialized tests that empower to live well

We intend to offer specialized tests with the ability to predict and prevent a wide range of both common and rare diseases before they manifest. The accurate and valuable information obtained from these test results often help people take steps to reduce their risk and the likelihood that they will develop a life-threatening disease or disabling condition.


Advocate use of state of the art and innovative technologies

Incorporation of the sophisticated cutting – edge technologies such as LCMS/MS, and Time resolved Fluroscence with DELFIA platform, LifeCycle software etc., has facilitated us to bring out the best ways of delivering high quality services with affordability.


At Acquity Labs, Quality is paramount

Our commitment to quality and compliance is evident by the fact of adoption of globally accepted advanced technologies encompassing adherence to all applicable regulations and standards, use of validated standard operating procedures, employing competent staff and scientific team to produce accurate and timely results – each time, and every time.


Team at Acquity Labs

  • Qualified, trained and highly experienced personnel make a ‘dedicated team’ at Acquity Labs.
  • Our swift logistics team, good communicators and elite team of laboratory scientists contribute impeccably along pre-analytical, analytical and post – analytical process to ensure that each specimen receives the best quality testing that the laboratory offers.