Acquity Labs believe in early prediction and prevention – the new philosophy in healthcare that empowers health over diseases, prior to their manifestation. With a primary goal focused on this novel paradigm of healthcare, we present advanced specialized genetic testing and diagnostic solutions to detect disease in its early asymptomatic stage so that one can benefit from easier and more effective treatment, and sometimes even prevent disease.

The current trends and breakthrough in technologies of health science has enabled us to diligently focus on innovative testing services that makes possible to attain quick and accurate answer to the prognostic and diagnostic challenges in a most efficient and cost-effective manner.

In our initiative towards providing cutting-edge predictive medicine services to the patients we have chosen to offer screening tests that help to detect disease in its early and most treatable stages. Currently, we provide screening tests for newborn babies and pregnancies for metabolic and genetic disorders, and chromosomal fetal defects respectively.

At Acquity Labs, the performance driven innovative laboratory services are an amalgamation of science, technology, quality and that has practicality in the healthcare continuum across the globe. In our pursuit to be at forefront of predictive and preventive healthcare we have adopted comprehensive state-of-the-art technologies, highly standardized procedures, meticulously documented quality control, extremely competent scientific team to produce accurate and timely results.